The Lure of Short Distances: “Euclidean”

Euclidean consists primarily of ambient tracks with a pair of rhythmic constructs sequenced into the flow. This is a continuation of the music for imaginary films idea, with tracks inspired by marginalia from Euclid’s “Elements” and the extraordinary experience and complexity of the video game “No Man’s Sky” by Hello Games.

These tracks also leverage the idea of found mathematical notes. 3- and 4-note blocks have been stretched, skewed, sliced and otherwise distorted to form the core of each track. Where a rhythmic element made sense, one was applied.

Time lapse experiment with an emphasis on the beautiful lighting found on a frozen planet. Footage was captured in No Man’s Sky (PS4 Pro, pre-NEXT update).

These works are a collision of pursuits – both virtual, in the case of exploring a procedurally generated universe of 18 quintilion worlds in the video game “No Mans Sky” (“Siren Hush,” seen above, is an experiment in virtual time lapse, and “Dead Planet,” below, is a walking tour of a seemingly dead moon orbiting a massive ringed planet) and the literal, in the exploration of Euclid’s “Elements” (specifically Book 6, which deals with the construction and recognition of similar figures). Each track shared its structure with the next; upon completion of one track, its instruments and effects would be brought forward into a new track, with only the block of notes changing. Then a new set of iterations would occur. This process was repeated for the entirety of the album. The album’s working title was actually “Similar Figures.”

Walking tour of a dead moon orbiting a massive ringed planet. But is this place truly devoid of life? Footage captured in No Man’s Sky (PS4 Pro, NEXT update).

Euclidean is $8US on Bandcamp in 24bit/96kHz format. It can also be obtained in standard 16bit/44kHz format from iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, and most other digital music retailers. It can also be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music, Napster, or just about any other streaming service you can think of.

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